How Long Should Carpet Cleaning Take?

How Long Should Carpet Cleaning Take?

Many homeowners ask “how long should carpet cleaning take?”  The truth is it can vary between a couple of hours and a couple of days.  There are a number of factors that make a difference including the condition, the furniture and the type of cleaning that is being done.  Here are things that affect the cleaning and drying time of your carpets.

Size of the Carpet

This is the biggest factor in how long everything will take, the size of the carpet that is being cleaned.  Typically you can expect it to take about 20 minutes to clean a smaller room that has no furniture.  It will take about half an hour to clean larger rooms like your living room, family room or master suite.  That being said if the carpets are really dirty, there are lots of stains that need attention or furniture to move it is going to take longer.

What is Your Carpet Made From?

Synthetic carpets like those you find in most apartment complexes, are easier and quicker to clean than a carpet made of wool.  Wool and silk carpets can be pretty delicate and they stain much easier than synthetic.  Wool carpets need to be cleaned more often to keep them looking good and the process will take longer.  Here is a look at how you clean wool carpets.

The Weather

You wouldn’t think that the weather would affect how long it takes to clean your carpets but it actually has a big impact on how long it takes for your carpets to dry.  Yes, the cleaning is done inside your home and not outside but if the weather is very humid then they will take longer to dry.  If you get them cleaned in the winter and you can’t open windows to let fresh air in it will take longer.  Having good air flow throughout the room will speed up the drying time.  Even if all you have is a ceiling fan in your room it can help your carpets to dry quicker.

How Long Will it Take?

Your initial cleaning appointment typically takes only a couple of hours, it is the drying time that can take forever.  Your carpets may dry enough in 6-8 hours for you to walk on them and put your furniture back in the room but it can take a full 24 hours for them to be completely dry.  You don’t want to start putting furniture back too soon, you can damage your furniture with moisture.

Yes it is a big time investment but clean carpets look better, feel better and more importantly improve the air quality of your home.