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Paris Perfect: The Bespoke Agency Changing The Way We Travel
Travel agencies have long sought to make a Paris vacation an experience a lifetime. Yet few have actually lived up to that billing as well a Paris Perfect, the travel and home rental agency that utilizes a savvy mix of local insight and bespoke service ...

Travel Weekly

The Power of Business Travel
Travel Weekly
As multiple forecasts predict continued growth in corporate travel, it's no surprise that many travel agencies hitch their fortunes to this potentially profitable segment. But without the right technology, training and business strategy, ill-prepared ...

Travel Market Report

Travel Agent? Travel Designer? Travel Advisor? What Should I Call Myself?
Travel Market Report
Travel agents are hot again -- and so is the discussion over what they should be called. In an article in the Boston Globe, columnist Mark Peters noted that "in our age of Kayak and TripAdvisor, the travel agent feels more dated than the rotary phone ...


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