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Credit.com News (blog)

Why Spam Is More Dangerous Than Ever
Credit.com News (blog)
When Bill Gates spoke at Davos, spamming was carried out manually, and spammers had to actually rent or steal time on physical servers housed at hosting companies. Meanwhile, botnets were comprised of PCs surreptitiously infected and controlled by ...

Cloudflare Counters MPAA and RIAA's 'Rehashed' Piracy Complaints
BitTorrent sites, like many other pirate sites, are increasing [sic] turning to Cloudflare because routing their site through Cloudflare obfuscates the IP address of the actual hosting provider, masking the location of the site.” The same can be said ...

Financial Times

Nuns tell companies to get real over virtual AGMs
Financial Times
The Council of Institutional Investors, whose members have $3tn in assets under management, has warned companies against hosting virtual-only meetings. Ken Bertsch, executive director at CII, said: “We think shareholders should generally support the ...


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