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Euro Tech Imports in La Plume is family-run business
The Abington Journal
LA PLUME — The business cards handed out by Victor Lynn show two dates, one on each side. On the front of the cards, along with the ETI name, is 1997 – the year the automotive sales and service enterprise was established. On the back is another date: ...


The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Business Cards
Similarly, business cards continue to be a great way to expand your customer acquisition outreach and partnerships. If you hear any of the advice below about business cards, ignore it (and reconsider your association to the person who would tell you ...


Office Lobbies Are The New Business Cards
Employers understand only too well how valuable first impressions can be. This extends beyond mere person-to-person interactions. Even the often overlooked office lobby can be a catalyst for positive brand recognition, JLL reports. Office lobby, office ...


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