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Bleeding Cool News

DC Moves Their Library Of Digital Comics To Madefire App, Including Today's New Titles
Bleeding Cool News
Madefire published and distributes digital comics with an emphasis on their Motion Book technology. They'be just announced a deal with DC Comics for a major expansion of the service, bringing tens of thousands of back-catalogue DC comic books to the ...

Seattle Weekly

A Little-Known Local Comics Artist Plays With Time and Identity to Brilliant Effect
Seattle Weekly
Comics readers are conditioned by other media and the 'real time' of everyday life to expect a very linear progression,” Scott McCloud declared in his classic treatise on the medium, Understanding Comics. But as McCloud deftly illustrated, “time in ...

Tom King Pitched A Sgt. Rock Story to DC Comics -- And Big-Name Artists Are Lining Up to Draw It
Batman and Mister Miracle writer Tom King apparently pitched a Sgt. Rock story to DC Comics -- and while there is no indication that the company has actually approved the pitch yet, there are already numerous fan-favorite artists are vying to draw it.


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